Shakespeare Program

Since 1998 staff, parents, and students have participated in an annual Shakespeare production. The production is a three month process producing dazzling results! Each year our students have delighted the community with two evening performances plus the annual evening dinner theatre, a fundraising event sponsored by the Spencer Valley Educational Association.


Here's how they do it:

  • The Set-Up - The story is introduced to the classes
  • Students prepare for auditions
  • Students submit in writing which character(s) they wish to play
  • Students submit costume ideas
  • Auditions/Casting


  • Rehearsal of scenes and preliminary blocking
  • Set building and costume design and materials purchase 
  • Lighting and music plans drawn up
  • Individual and scene coaching


  • Finishing set and costumes
  • Tech rehearsal
  • Dress rehearsal
  • Show and dinner theatre


  • Rehearse a scene for the Shakespeare Festival in Balboa Park
  • Write sonnets for the sonnet contest

Each year the students travel to Balboa Park in April to participate in the San Diego Shakespeare Society's Student Shakespeare Festival.